Visa Service

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Visa office hour:?8:30 to 11:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday

Q:What materials for processing the visa do I need

A:(1)Original passport;copy of passport;copy of Chinese visa;copy of page with entry seal (the latest).

(2)One 2-inch color photo (4.5X3.5)

(3)Residence registration form

(4)The student whose visa type is non-Residence Permit provides Admission Notice

(5)Tuition payment receipt

(6)Visa fee

(7)Physical Test Proof for the students with a program longer than 12 months or change X1 visa to the residence permit

Add: No. 9 Ganshui Road, Kaifa District Tel: 82337601-3101

Q:Can you tell me some tips for visa and residence permit

A:(1)Students must finish the accommodation registration at the local police station within 24 hours of your entry (those who live in the Foreign Student Dorm, front desk staff will help you to process the accommodation registration). If you fail to finish the accommodation registration within 24 hours of your entry, you will be fined by the Public Security Bureau. The maximum amount is: 2,000 RMB. (Please register again within 24 hours if you apply for the new passport, new visa, move into a new house or re-enter China).

(2)Students should process the visa procedures in Office 306 of CIE 10-15 days in advance of the expiration of visa or residence permit, which usually take 30 days. If it meets the exams, travels and the other arrangements, please arrange your time properly, extend your visa beforehand.

(3)Please make sure that your visa or residence permit is valid during your study at HIT (if you are not clear about your visa expiration date, please take your passport to CIE to inquire), otherwise you will receive the penalties (the maximum amount: 10,000 RMB) from the Public Security Bureau.

(4)An identification proof can be offered by CIE by application for students who want to apply for visa for families. Students may apply to extend visa with documents required at Exit-Entry Administration of Harbin Public Security Bureau .

(5)The L visa can only be postponed once again after it changed into X2 visa. If you want to continue learning, please re-apply immigration after your departure and handle L visa.

(6)The visa valid depends on immigration idle days of the latest visa after your departure and re-entry with X2 visa. (The idle days are remarked on the visa page)

(7)The students who have studied for more than a year must hold the X1visa to entry, within 15 days to apply for the visa extension procedures in the International Student Center. (X1 will transform to the residence permit visa after postponed).

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